The Gatski

The Great Gatski

The Great Chalet in St Anton am Arlberg

The Great Gatski is a luxurious 150 square metre, 8 bed chalet available to rent in St Anton. Its vaulted and beamed living room is vast and offers an unparalleled space for relaxing, dining and entertaining.  Surrounded by the owners' old records, art created by friends and all sorts of cherished luxuries, you are more than welcome to make yourself thoroughly at home. And if you need anything during stay, your host and hostess are literally your next door neighbours.  

Once upon a time, St. Anton was not a thriving ski resort; The Great Gatski was the private residence of the landowner who owned all of the land to the west of St. Anton and who gradually sold off the surrounding pastures to build chalets (right time, right place…).

Our living room was the family living room and our fireplace was the principal oven. The ceilings are vaulted and the beams are ancient…the rest has been totally renovated over the last few years to provide all the comfort we could wish for in the present day.

The new name was chosen by our daughters who were inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.